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Record validation process (video)

  23 Nov 2021

While National Records submitted by BCH National Focal Points are published directly in the BCH, all other BCH records require validation prior to publication.

When a National Record is submitted to the BCH by a National Authorized User or Cartagena National Focal Point, an automatic validation notification is sent by e-mail to the BCH National Focal Point (BCH-NFP). National Records can be published by BCH-NFPs only. 

When a Reference Record is submitted by any user to the BCH, an automatic validation notification is sent to the Secretariat. It is then the responsibility of the Secretariat to ensure the accuracy and completeness of the record prior to its publication in the BCH. Thus, Reference Records are published by the Secretariat only.

Once the record has been validated and published, the submitting user will receive an automatic email notification that the record has been made public. In some cases, the user may receive a request for changes prior to validation.


Contacts (CON) is the only Reference Record that can be submitted and published by any registered BCH user. However, they are searchable only if they are reverenced in other records.

Please also watch the video below, created in-house by the Secretariat:

Workflow process between different users 

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