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Removing filters

  23 Nov 2021

There are several ways to remove Global Filters:

  • Each Global Filter you select will appear above the global free text search box. Click on the filter and then on “Delete filter”.
  • Click on “Clear filters” to remove all filters.

There are several ways to remove Sub-filters:

  • See points above about removing Global Filters.
  • Deselect the record type of interest by clicking on its corresponding check box in the expanded view of the Record types global filter.
  • When a record type is selected, the associated sub-filters appear on the left side menu. 
  • The ‘x’ symbol on the right allows you to remove each selected option one by one. 
  • Click on the icon to the left of the selected filter and then on “Clear filters” to remove all selected options for that filter. 
  • Click on the icon on the left next to the title of the record type and then on “Clear all filters” to remove all selected filters and their options.


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