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How do I cancel a record that I submitted for publication? (video)

  23 Nov 2021

Once a record has been submitted for publication to the BCH National Focal Point or ABS Publishing Authority (in case of National Records) or the Secretariat (in case of Reference Records), users will no longer be able to edit it. However, they will be able to cancel it. 

To cancel request:

  1. Sign in to the Submit page.
  2. On the Dashboard:
  • Click on the record from the “Pending requests” section. Then click on the Cancel request button, and then on Yes.


  • Click on the record type or ‘list icon’ icon next to the record type, or click on the number icon in the “Requests” column to access the page with the summary of all the records for that record type. Next to the record that has “Pending approval” status, click on the ‘Cancel request’ icon. Then, click on Cancel request.

The cancelled record becomes a “Draft”. 

Once your request is cancelled, all respective publishing authorities will be notified by an e-mail notification.

Please also watch the video below, created in-house by the Secretariat:

How to Cancel a request

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