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There are several interactive case studies designed to assist users in applying the concepts covered in the various training modules.

Resource Case 1 Mexican trader importing cotton seed

Resource Case 2 Regulator researches LMO-FFPs

Resource Case 3 Registering data on CP Users Management

Resource Case 4 Registering data on CP contacts and CNA

Resource Case 5 Registering data on CP LMOs and decisions on LMOs

Resource Case 6 Registering data on CP Risk Assessment and Laws

Resource Case 7 Custom officer seeks information on importing LMOs

Resource Case 8 Scientist looks for info on commercially available GM cotton

Resource Case 9 Scientist seeks information on importing LMOs

Resource Case 10 Information CNA must provide to BCH about a decision

Resource Case 11 Medical researcher seeks info on AIA

Resource Case 12 A company representative seeks information on procedures for exporting LMOs.

Resource Case 13 National Development Agency seeks information on supporting Capacity building programs.

Resource Case 14 Person seeks information on how to submit record to BCH

Resource Case 15 Person looks for info about a GM food product

Resource Case 16 Organization registers a contact person

Resource Case 17 Organization registers biosafety newsletter

Resource Case 18 Academic institution register biosafety course and workshop

Resource Case 19 Journalist researches story about possible illegal transboundary movement

Resource Case 20 Country has just become a Party to the Cartagena Protocol

Resource Case 21 Regulator in Japan imports potatoes from ROK

Resource Case 22 Ghana risk assessment IR papaya

Resource Case 23 NFP registers biosafety expert

Resource Case 24 Inspector discovers illegal LMO

Resource Case 25 A Competent National Authority registers a risk assessment and decision to import herbicide tolerant cotton

Resource Case 26 NFP registers laws

Resource Case 27 Central Portal Information Route

Resource Case 28 Principal Custom officer looks for relevant CPB articles, COP-MOP decisions and capacity building opportunities

Resource Case 29 Customs officer looks for laboratories for detection and identification of LMOs

Resource Case 30 Customs or border control officer looks for unapproved soybean events

Resource Case 31 Phytosanitary officer looks for maize stacked events

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