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The introductory page for the The BCH section explains the Mandate of the Biosafety Clearing-House and provides some background information about the development of the site. The information about the BCH is divided into the following sections:


  1. The BCH, setting out its Modalities of Operation, Multi-year Program of Work, Decisions on the BCH, Reports and Reviews, and Development of the BCH;
  2. The BCH Informal Advisory Committee (BCH-IAC), providing information about IAC mandates and meetings and the IAC forum participants.
  3. Highlights, providing BCH news, Latest Additions, Notifications and Meetings and Documents;
  4. Policies, providing information about Linking of External Websites Policy, Privacy Policy, Disclaimer, and Copyright.


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The content of the BCH section is accessed from the menu on the left side of The Biosafety Clearing-House page, or from The BCH drop down menu on the navigation bar.


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