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Risk assessment and risk management of transgenic fish

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Introduction to the topic

by Anne R. Kapuscinski and Kelly M. Pennington, University of Minnesota, St. Paul, MN 55108, USA.

Research and development of genetically modified or transgenic fish is underway for intended uses in aquaculture. There is a need for systematic and broadly accepted methodologies to assess and manage environmental risks of this biotechnology. There is very little experience in environmental risk assessment of transgenic fish Continue reading »

Suggested points for discussion

  1. How to apply Annex III when assessing the risks of transgenic fish;
  2. Experience in conducting risk assessment of transgenic fish;
  3. Difficulties in accessing or reviewing baseline information related to the recipient and parental organisms, receiving environment, environmental interaction, etc.;
  4. Elements necessary to conduct risk assessments of transgenic fish;
  5. Issues that are unique to this topic;
  6. Recommendations for preparing risk assessment reports.

Selected readings

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