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Welcome to the Online Forum on Public Participation Concerning Living Modified Organisms


In decision BS-IV/17, the fourth meeting of the Parties serving (COP-MOP 4) emphasized the need for a cohesive and focused approach to public awareness, education and participation concerning the safe transfer, handling, and use of living modified organisms (LMOs). Consequently, at its fifth meeting, the COP-MOP in decision BS-V/13 adopted a comprehensive programme of work on public awareness, education and participation concerning the safe transfer, handling and use of LMOs. The programme includes four elements on: capacity-building, public awareness and education, public access to information and public participation. In paragraph 2 of the above decision, the COP-MOP invited governments and relevant organizations to use the programme of work to implement Article 23 of the Protocol and share their experiences and lessons learned through the Biosafety Clearing-House (BCH). In the same decision, COP-MOP also invited the Secretariat to establish an online forum and other appropriate means to facilitate exchange of information and experiences on the implementation of the programme of work.

The Secretariat will be convening an the online forum on public participation concerning the safe transfer, handling and use of LMOs.

An online discussion will be held for two weeks from 28 April – 9 May 2014. It will focus on "Techniques for Engaging the Public". For more information, please visit the discussion group website.

Participation in the Online Forum is open to all Parties, other Governments and relevant organizations.

Online Forum Schedule

28 April – 9 May 2014

Please note that the online discussion has been extended to 16 May 2014

Online Discussion: Techniques for Engaging the Public

Online Forum Go to the Online Discussion

Participation in the Forum

Parties, other Governments and relevant organizations are invited to nominate individuals involved in, or responsible for, promoting public participation to participate in the Forum.

Nominations should be sent to secretariat@cbd.int or to ulrika.nilsson@cbd.int and andrew.bowers@cbd.int.

Please note that you need to be a registered BCH user to participate. If you are not yet a registered BCH user, please click here to create a BCH account.