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Portal on Public Awareness, Education and Participation

Welcome to the Portal on public awareness, education and participation. This Portal is established to facilitate exchange of information on activities and to provide access to resources relating to the implementation of the different elements of the programme of work concerning the safe transfer, handling and use of living modified organisms (LMOs) for the period 2011-2020 and its priority areas. It has been created for use by participants from Parties, other Governments and relevant organizations that wish to share knowledge, experience and information on public awareness, education and participation concerning LMOs.

In the Portal, you will find links to a bulletin board, awareness survey templates, resources, a media and outreach page and an archive.

  • Bulletin Board
  • Survey Templates
  • Media and Outreach
This section has a bulletin board for the posting of information on public awareness, education and participation, including access to information, regarding living modified organisms (LMOs). Governments and relevant organizations, including academia, that were part of the online discussion on public awareness are welcome to post news and announcements from international, national and local experiences related to the programme of work and its priority areas.

Moderators of the online discussion on public awareness regarding LMOs recommended an online feature for participants to continue to post messages related to Article 23. To begin, the postings will be related to national and local events using resources for the 15th anniversary of the entry into force of the Cartagena Protocol on Biosafety. These participants are registered to the bulletin board.

Please note that participants must be signed into their BCH account in order to post messages.

Please visit Survey Template page

Media and Outreach

The section highlights SCBD initiated activities on media and outreach.

The most recent is a media contest for media to submit an article on the Cartagena Protocol on Biosafety for the 15th anniversary of the entry into force of the Protocol by 6 September 2018. The SCBD will select and reward media representatives. A few articles will also be available in the Portal. Please review the media advisory for more details.


Please find a link to resources.


Please find a link to an archive.