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Templates Awareness Surveys

Parties are invited to conduct baseline surveys to ascertain and evaluate public awareness of issues regarding LMOs according to operational objective 2.1 of the Programme of Work on public awareness, education and participation regarding LMOs.

The Secretariat developed a survey template to be used by Parties when conducting biosafety awareness surveys. The template can be download here in English, | French, and Spanish.

Parties are invited to make use of the awareness survey template and seek assistance by regional organizations to conduct national surveys online and/or offline in particular also ensuring that questions are targeted to women and indigenous peoples and local communities according to priority area 4 of the Programme of Work.

The survey template may be modified or expanded, depending on national circumstances. To access the survey template in Word format, follow the following steps the following expandable like in ' more' : first unlock the document as follows: (i) Click on "tools" in the top menu bar, (ii) select "unprotect document", and then start modifying the document. After making the necessary modifications, lock the document again as follows: (i) Click on "tools" in the top menu bar, (ii) select "protect document", (iii) in the right-hand menu, under the section "editing restrictions", tick the box "allow this type of editing" and select the option "filling in forms", (iv) click on "start enforcing protection", and (v) click on "OK", with or without entering a password.

Parties are encouraged to share the results of their survey and any analysis they may have developed through the Biosafety Information Resource Centre (BIRC) of the BCH.

Biosafety Awareness Survey Template
Survey template:
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