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Public Awareness, Education and Participation

Article 23 of the Protocol requires Parties, on their own and in cooperation with other States and international bodies, to promote and facilitate public awareness, education and public participation, including access to information, regarding the safe transfer, handling and use of living modified organisms (LMOs). It also requires Parties to consult the public in the decision-making process, to make public the final decision taken and to inform the public about the means of access to the Biosafety Clearing-House.

Public awareness, education and participation are fundamental elements for the effective implementation of the Protocol. It is important for the public to know and understand the issues and processes related to LMOs and to have access to relevant information in order to make informed choices and actions, and to be able to participate effectively in the decision-making processes. Likewise, public participation in the decision-making process is crucial for facilitating transparency and accountability, and strengthening public support for the decisions taken regarding LMOs. More >>