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Capacity Building

Article 22 of the Protocol requires Parties to cooperate in the development and/or strengthening of human resources and institutional capacities in biosafety, including biotechnology to the extent that it is required for biosafety, for the purpose of ensuring the effective implementation of the Protocol. In doing so, they are required to take fully into account the needs of developing country Parties and Parties with economies in transition for financial resources and access to and transfer of technology and know-how.

In order to be able to implement their obligations, Parties need appropriate institutional mechanisms and infrastructure, well-trained human resources, adequate funding, access to relevant information and other types of capacities.

Since the adoption of the Protocol, a number of decisions and initiatives have been taken and mechanisms established at the global, regional and national levels to facilitate the strengthening of the capacities of Parties. For example, an action plan has been developed, a coordination mechanism has been put in place and a Roster of Biosafety Experts has been established.

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At its eighth meeting, the COP-MOP, in decision CP-VIII/3, decided to maintain the Framework and Action Plan for Capacity-Building for the Effective Implementation of the Cartagena Protocol as adopted in decision BS-VI/3 and urged Parties to prioritize operational objectives relating to the development of national biosafety legislation, risk assessment, detection and identification of living modified organisms, and public awareness, education and participation for the remaining period until 2020. Parties and other Governments were also further urged to integrate biosafety in their national biodiversity strategies and action plans and in programmes for implementing the 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development and its Sustainable Development Goals. In addition, the COP-MOP requested the Executive Secretary to facilitate and support implementation of the priority capacity-building activities in support of the implementation of the Protocol annexed to the decision and as reflected in the Short-term Action Plan (2017-2020) to Enhance and Support Capacity-Building for the Implementation of the Convention and its Protocols.