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Capacity-Building Portal

Welcome to the Biosafety Capacity-Building Portal, a virtual platform established to facilitate online discussions and exchange of information relating to capacity-building for the effective implementation of the Cartagena Protocol on Biosafety. Article 22 of the Protocol requires Parties to cooperate in the development and/or strengthening of human resources and institutional capacities in biosafety, including biotechnology to the extent that it is required for biosafety, for the purpose of ensuring the effective implementation of the Protocol.

The Capacity-Building Portal comprises four main sections:
  • The Capacity-Building Online Forums
  • The Biosafety Education Online Forums
  • The Capacity-Building Collaborative Network, and
  • The Restricted workspaces for specific groups.
The online forums comprise online discussion groups and real-time conferences.

What's New!

Upcoming Activities

  • 20 Feb-2 Mar 2012: Discussion Group 1 on the "Draft report on the independent evaluation of the capacity-building Action Plan"
  • 26 - 30 March 2012: Discussion Group 2 on the "Framework for assessing biosafety capacity-building needs"
  • 2-13 April 2012: Discussion Group 3 on the "Framework for monitoring and evaluation of capacity-building under the Protocol"
  • 16-20 April 2012: Discussion Group 4 on the "Coordination Mechanism for capacity-building efforts under the Protocol"
  • 23-27 April 2012: Discussion Group 5 on "Strategic approaches to capacity-building for the effective implementation of the Protocol"
  • 30 April - 4 May 2012: General conclusions and recommendations
For a list of previous activities, please go to the archive.

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