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On this page you can search for biosafety experts nominated by Governments. The Roster was established by ExCOP-1 Decision EM-I/3 and aims to provide advice and other support, as appropriate and upon request, to developing country Parties and Parties with economies in transition, to conduct risk assessment, make informed decisions, develop national human resources and promote institutional strengthening, associated with the transboundary movements of LMOs.

  • Notice: As of 27 August, 2008, all Experts previously registered in the roster have been removed.
    In Decision BS-IV/4, the Parties to the Cartagena Protocol requested the Executive Secretary to remove all existing records in the roster within three months and refill the roster with those experts who are nominated or re-nominated by Parties and Governments. In the same decision the Parties authorized the Secretariat to check all nomination forms for completeness and return to the nominating Governments any nomination forms that are incomplete and/or do not meet the criteria and minimum requirements. Accordingly, in Notification 2008-107, the Executive Secretary invited all Cartagena Protocol Focal Points to make nominations to the Roster of Experts in accordance with the updated guidelines.

    Please note that according to decision Decision BS-IV/4, experts’ records are maintained on the roster for a period of four years from the last update of their information, after which they will be deleted from the roster unless re-nominated.

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