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PP Forum: Techniques for engaging the public

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Events at COP-MOP 8 [#8197]
Dear participants,

If you are attending COP-MOP 8, you may be interested in attending some side events and the CEPA fair related to the Cartagena Protocol.

For the side event, there will be on Tuesday, 6 December (lunchtime), a side event on
"The Guidance on Risk Assessment of Living Modified Organisms and Monitoring in the Context of Risk Assessment" by the CBD. On Wednesday, 14 December (evening,18:15) a side event on "A Successful BCH Asia Family" by UNEP-DELC.

At the CEPA fair there is a CBD/UNEP poster session from the Republic of Korea, Republic of Moldova, Swaziland, UNEP Latin America and the Aarhus Convention/Austria/CBD. There is also a poster and video from Comisión Intersecretarial de Bioseguridad de los Organismos Genéticamente Modificados (CIBIOGEM) and other biosafety initiatives. There will also be two presentations related to biosafety: (a) Process of Awareness and Public Participation (Art. 23, Cartagena Protocol) implementation in the Republic of Niger, Thursday 10:00, 15 December, and (b) Enhancing Public Participation and Awareness on Biosafety: Indian Experience by India - Biotech Consortium India Limited (BCIL), Wednesday at 13:00, 7 December.

posted on 2016-12-06 12:56 UTC by Ms. Ulrika Nilsson, UNEP/SCBD/Biosafety