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UNEP-GEF BCH II Project - Training Material

New training material and webinars developed by the UNEP-GEF BCH II Project (2012-2014)

During the intersessional period between COP-MOP 6 and 7, the Secretariat has collaborated with the UNEP-GEF BCH II project in the development of new training material and in the organization of online training workshops (webinars).

In particular, the following training material has been developed and made available in 5 languages through the BCH help section:

  1. New training materials inclusive of user manuals and case studies, with specific modules for custom officers and phytosanitary officers;
  2. New Ajax manuals and live demo for the inclusion of BCH information in national BCH web site;
  3. New Hermes syntax guide (add-on to the Hermes guidance) for the development of national BCH web sites through the CBD-based Hermes instances.

About 50 webinars (seminars-on-the-web) on the use of the BCH were organized, in 5 languages, in the period between January and April 2013, by the UNEP-GEF BCH II project with the support of the Secretariat. A total of 768 registrations to the webinars were received and 410 participants from more than 90 countries effectively attended the webinars. All webinars’ videos and presentations were recorded and were published in YouTube by the UNEP-GEF BCH II project at the following links:

Note: All webinars are available in 5 languages; in some cases they were repeated more than once to different audiences and are indicated below with progressive numbers (e.g. EN1, EN2, etc.).

  1. Introduction to the Cartagena Protocol on Biosafety:
    AR | EN1 | EN2 | EN3 | ES1 | ES2 | ES3 | FR | RU
  2. How to use the BCH Management Centre for registering information:
    AR | EN1 | EN2 | ES | FR | RU
  3. How to use the BCH for managing National Authorized Users:
    AR |EN | ES | FR | RU
  4. Using the AJAX plugin to develop biosafety aware websites:
    EN | ES
  5. Applying the Cartagena Protocol on Biosafety in the Industry with the help of BCH:
  6. The Cartagena Protocol and the BCH education materials and Virtual Learning Environment:
    AR | EN1 | EN2 | ES | FR | RU
  7. The UNEP-GEF BCH capacity building projects: EN