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About the Online Forum:

The Online Forum is open to all interested participants but they must be registered in the Online Forum in order to contribute to the online discussions.

CBD National Focal Points or Heads of organizations, as appropriate, are kindly requested to submit nominations for experts via e-mail to secretariat@cbd.int clearly indicating the names and emails of each nominee along with a brief description of the candidates' experience in the field of synthetic biology. Nominees will be subsequently contacted by the Secretariat to facilitate their registration in the Open-ended Online Forum.

Nominations of experts to the Open-ended Online Forum on Synthetic Biology must be received by 28 February 2023. Information on how to access the Online Forum will be provided in due course through the following link https://www.cbd.int/synbio.

Further details relating to the nomination of experts to the Open-ended Forum on Synthetic Biology are available in notification SCBD/CPU/DC/WM/MAQ/MW/90775.