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Past Activities 2015-2016

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Synthetic Biology and the Foundations of a New Industry [#6840]
Dear colleagues, this is Joaquim Machado from the Institute of Biomedical Sciences, University of São Paulo.

Piet Van der Meer exposed a typical phenomenon about the nature of digital communication, say, its FRACTAL nature.

If we combine the goodwill  to participating of 80 colleagues and assume a very simple exchange of ideas and replicas, boooooom, welcome to a kind of big data problem.

I agree with Piet on dealing with one topic at a time, and would also suggest that our dear moderators should try a consensus analysis of the main key words and positions around, perhaps using a Text Analysis Tool.

HOWEVER, in two days I got a precious 60 pages document containing important views and opinions. How to deal with that is the current challenge. It is almost a full time homework.

In technical terms, I suggest we should approach Synthetic Biology as the very FOUNDATION of new INDUSTRIAL era of Biomining,Biorefinering and Heterologous Synthesis based on Genome Editing, Recoding and Xenobiology. And we should also take in consideration that we are dealing with the amazing potential for the coevolution of Synthetic Biology with Artificial Intelligence, via the Biological Programming Languages. 

In this sense I support the views and opinions of Paul Freemont from the Imperial College. In my opinion, this is the scenario, the context and the language we should take in account when attempting a definition of Synthetic Biology.

In my next interventions I will propose some views about impacts of Synthetic Biology as per the interests and  specific proposals for this FRACTAL On Line Forum.


posted on 2015-04-29 12:25 UTC by Mr. Joaquim A. Machado, Brazil