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Past Activities 2015-2016

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Operational definition of Synthetic Biology [#6954]
I would suggest that a combination of  proposals for defining Synthetic Biology, provided by Dr. Freemont, Dr. Rosales Franco and  Dr. Kuiken could be merged with a stricto senso definition of Synthetic Biology:

“Synthetic biology aims to de novo designing, programming and engineering   biologically based parts, devices, systems and properties.

This would enhance the perception about the transformational capacity of Synthetic Biology and would be useful for evaluating any unprecedent impact on biodiversity. All other technological procedures we have been applying to identify, isolate and recombine genetic information present in natural ocurring biological systems would be considered as the continuation of the Biotechnology development under the current rules of the Cartagena Protocol.
posted on 2015-05-03 23:25 UTC by Mr. Joaquim A. Machado, Brazil