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Past Activities 2015-2016

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On Topics 4 and 5 [#7283]
I think that Dr. Roca has produced a comprehensive analysis of the task ahead for the ATHEG.

I just want to add that under no circumstances,  technical and economic problems raised by the use of a new tool should be swept under the carpet.

I agree with Dr. Roca on the fact that GMOs is not the issue here. However, the economical evaluation of this technology for the farmers ( any type of farmers ) should comprise the observed problems linked to the loss of effect on insects and the increase of weed tolerance.

This does not means that the invention, the innovation, the discovery, should have had an early blocking via the stringent precautionary approach, but farmers in general should be well informed about the facts. Only this way a real economic evaluation based on realities would be well set in place.

Regarding Synthetic Biology, we should keep in mind that we are moving fast to the merging of Artificial Biology & Artificial Intelligence. In fact, Recoding is a so powerful advance that several colleagues mentioned the impacts on BS. I use to say the somehow, Recoding will take us to a  partial revisiting of  the concept of universal access to genetic resources.

I my view, the most appropriate way to tackle with this impressive scientific and technical advances, is to pay attention to the theoretical and applied field of coevolution based on natural & artificial devices and organisms.

All the best,

Joaquim A. Machado
posted on 2015-06-07 13:16 UTC by Mr. Joaquim A. Machado, Brazil