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Please select a country from the menu below to access its National Report. Links to Interim (2005), First (2007) and Second (2011) National Reports will appear whenever available after the selection.

Analyze National Reports

For flexible and comprehensive analyses of the National Reports, please use one of the links in the box on the right for the Interim and First National Reports or the tool below for the Second National Report.


Second National Report

This tool allows you to select sections/questions of interest, cross-compare results by region/country, visualize counts/averages, etc.

Analyze results of the 2nd national report by selecting:
  • one or more countries or geographical areas (by default all countries are selected
    and grouped by CBD regions), and/or
  • questions and/or sections of the report (by default all sections and questions are selected)
  • follow this link to analyze submissions as of 31 December 2011
Geographical areas
All questions and/or sections of the report (except questions 1-11, see note at the bottom of this page).
Party to the Cartagena Protocol on Biosafety
Article 2 – General provisions
Article 5 – Pharmaceuticals
Article 6 – Transit and Contained use
Articles 7 to 10 – Advance Informed Agreement (AIA) and intentional introduction of LMOs into the environment
Article 11 – Procedure for living modified organisms intended for direct use as food or feed, or for processing (LMOs-FFP)
Article 12 – Review of decision
Article 13 – Simplified procedure
Article 14 – Bilateral, regional and multilateral agreements and arrangements
Article 15 – Risk assessment
Article 16 – Risk management
Article 17 – Unintentional transboundary movements and emergency measures
Article 18 – Handling, transport, packaging and identification
Article 19 – Competent National Authorities and National Focal Points
Article 20 – Information Sharing and the Biosafety Clearing-House (BCH)
Article 21 – Confidential information
Article 22 – Capacity-building
Article 23 – Public awareness and participation
Article 24 – Non-Parties
Article 25 – Illegal transboundary movements
Article 26 – Socio-economic considerations
Article 27 – Liability and Redress
Article 33 – Monitoring and reporting
Other information

Note: Questions 1-11 of the Second National Reports refer to contact details of the national reporting officer, organizations and/or stakeholders consulted in the preparation of the report, date of submission and time period covered by the report. The responses provided in this section are not included in the report produced through this analyzer.