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Post-release monitoring and long-term effects of LMOs released into the environment

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Introduction to the topic

by Dr. Helmut Gaugitsch, Umweltbundesamt (Federal Environment Agency), Vienna, Austria

Although the issue of potential long-term effects of LMOs released into the environment is regarded as important in the scientific and regulatory debate worldwide, in fact there have been quite few comprehensive studies carried out in this area. Continue reading »

Suggested points for discussion

  1. Time and spatial (e.g., how often and for how long) requirements for monitoring different types of LMOs, traits and receiving environments;
  2. How to assess long-term effects of LMOs?
  3. What type of baseline data is needed and how to develop it?
  4. Other considerations regarding post-release monitoring and long-term effects, including emergency measures, that should be taken into account when preparing risk assessment reports.

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