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SGW on Monitoring of LMOs Released into the Environment

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Opening of the discussion of the 2nd draft guidance on monitoring [#2798]
Dear members of the monitoring SWG and Secretariat,

Attached for your review and commentary is the 2nd version of the guidance on monitoring, “Monitoring of LMOs released into the environment”.

This revised draft was developed on the basis of comments received by members of the SWG, and the online open ended forum (5 to 17 September, 2011), and in consultation with the Secretariat. Based on these inputs, there have been significant changes to the structure and content of the document that I believe has brought us closer to a more useful guidance on monitoring.

***I wish to invite your input over the next week on this draft. Please submit your comments no later than midnight in your local timezone, Friday October 28, 2011 in this forum.***

As before, your comments in this discussion may focus, for instance on:

- Whether all issues relevant to this topic have been included in this draft and, if not, which ones should be added;

- Suggestions for improvements to the current text and/or structure; and

- Suggestions for background documents to be included (please provide the full reference and indicate to which section(s) of the guidance the background material is relevant);

- Concrete text proposals.

The Action Plan

The remainder of the action plan will be followed as outlined by the Secretariat in the Risk Assessment forum:

As such, please note that the next round of discussions and upcoming activities will take place as follows:

·         31 October 2011: Second draft of the guidance on “Monitoring” will be circulated online (by Secretariat);

·         7-18 November 2011: Online discussion for provision of concrete text proposals to the drafts (by the Open-ended Group and AHTEG);

·         19 November 2011 - 13 January 2012: Consolidation of comments (by SWG Chair in consultation with SWG).

The rest of the tentative Action Plan/calendar of activities remains unchanged.

Thank you in advance for your careful consideration in this round of review; I look forward to constructive inputs from the SWG.

Kind regards,

David Quist
posted on 2011-10-21 18:42 UTC by David Quist
RE: Opening of the discussion of the 2nd draft guidance on monitoring [#2799]


Dear Manoela

I tried to upload a document with my comments but I got an error message (probably coming from my computer that is not working very well these days).  So I send you the document for posting.

Thank you.
(edited on 2011-10-31 15:40 UTC by Manoela Miranda)
posted on 2011-10-28 22:53 UTC by Ms. Manoela Miranda, UNEP/SCBD
RE: Opening of the discussion of the 2nd draft guidance on monitoring [#2800]
Dear Esmerelda, monitoring SWG members, and Secretariat,

I want to take the opportunity to thank Esmerelda for her detailed input into this 2nd draft, and her commitment to providing clear, useful guidance to the inexperienced user on this document. It is a bit of a pity that extensive comments came just before the deadline, as some of the points could have benefitted from broader discussion by the SWG members.

In any case, each of her points are addressed as embedded comments in the attached document, indicated with green text, and further as tracked changes in the amended 2nd draft, also attached here.

This amended draft attached here will be provided to the open online forum on 31.10.2011 (in "clean" form) for review, and later commentary and suggestions for improvement.

I look forward to the next round of comments on this developing draft, and thank you in advance for your active assistance in this process.

Kind regards,

David Quist
posted on 2011-10-31 16:55 UTC by David Quist