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SWG on Risk Assessment of LM Trees

Composition of the SWG:

Chair: Beatrix Tappeser
Core-group (Parties): Ossama Abdel-kawy, Rufus Ebegba, Mahaman Gado Zaki, Branka Javornik, Vilasini Pillai and Kazuo Watanabe
Non-Parties and Observers: David Heron, Jack Heinemann,Thomas Nickson, Ricarda Steinbrecher and Piet van der Meer

Previous discussions:

SWG feedback on the fifth draft on LM Trees

This SWG discussion will take place from 19 to 25 March in preparation for the Regional Real-time Online Conferences (tentatively scheduled for 9 – 27 April 2012) and AHTEG-4 (4 – 8 June 2012).

Background document:
Download the fifth draft of this guidance
(version of 19 March 2012)

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    New draft based on online comments

Feedback on the third draft on LM Trees

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    3rd draft

Comments on the first draft of the guidance on "Risk assessment of LM trees"

SWG members are invited to provide comments on the first draft of the guidance on "LM trees" as soon as possible but no later than 29July 2011 (1:00GMT).

Comments may focus, for instance, on:

  1. whether all issues relevant to this topic have been included in this draft and, if not, which ones should be added.
  2. suggestions for improvements to the current text and/or structure;

Please provide also suggestions for background documents to be included. Please do so by uploading the document or providing its full reference, and indicate to which section(s) of the guidance the document is relevant.

(Please remember to sign in to the BCH in order to post messages)

Background document:
Download draft