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SGW on Monitoring of LMOs Released into the Environment

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SWG feedback on the fifth monitoring draft [#3127]
Dear SWG members,

Please find attached the 5th draft of the guidance on monitoring, modified on the basis of the comments received from the latest round with the open-ended expert group, February 27th to March 11th.

As a reminder, the focus of the last comment period to the open-ended online expert group was on editorial improvements and modifications to increase readability. All comments received were considered, yet improvements remained focused on the scope at hand.

In this round, I also ask you to please focus your comments on editorial improvements and modification to the readability of this very advanced draft.

I have included a “tracked” changes version with comments for reference, along with a “clean” version. Please use the clean version for any concrete text suggestions you may have.

The comment period of the monitoring SWG is now open, and runs from today, March 19 to March 25, 01:00 GMT.

I wish to point your attention to a number of changes to the document since the version of February 22, 2012. Some restructuring for clarity and deletions of redundant text were made, and additions to address the issue of broader environmental monitoring. In Bonn, the term “general surveillance” was not accepted as a term to signify “monitoring for effects that were not anticipated in the risk assessment. While we did not find a alternative term in Bonn, as was suggested by Hans and Piet, the term “general monitoring” seems to be a good compromise here to capture this concept. Lastly, the former Annex I, the graphic, has been removed and will not be replaced, and  Annex II of types and purposes of monitoring and some examples, is now Annex I and was simplified on the basis of comments received.

I thank you for your continued attention and contribution to the monitoring document as we lead up to AHTEG4.

Kind regards,

David Quist
posted on 2012-03-19 15:16 UTC by David Quist