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Sub-working Group on RA&RM of Living Modified Mosquitoes

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Comments on LMM guideline and additional references for bibliography. [#1630]
Dear all,

First of all, thank you, Eliana – and the whole of the SWG , for the tremendous work you have done on this document. It has really changed quite substantially since last round.

In general I feel it could benefit from more information at times, e.g. on drive systems and mechanisms used, and what to watch out for.

It could also suggest to ask for more data and information, esp. that was is different as compared to the LM crop plants we are all so accustomed with.

On a nother issue, I would also like us to clarify, if open releases in mash cages/cabins are or should be included in this guideline. There are different sets of questions that are relevant to cage releases, what do we do with them?

Please have – if time – a look at the following website:
Marshall, JM (2008). Biosafety training course for Africa related to genetically modified disease vectors:  Containment issues during planned field cage trials.  At:

This has very interesting, crucial and helpful points which we should not ignore.

At times I find the guidance document is making assumptions or giving a false sense of security or certainty – which I don’t think is the role of the document. It should help assessors to ask the right questions, and could do more to do so.

I am adding a list of references for the bibliography below and will also include them in the list itself once I have found out how to do this.

With kind regards,

posted on 2010-03-17 02:57 UTC by Ms. Ricarda Steinbrecher, Federation of German Scientists (Vereinigung Deutscher Wissenschaftler)
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