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Regional Online Real-time Conferences

The real-time conferences have now concluded – thanks to all who took part. The transcripts from the conferences are available via the links to the different regions on the left. Information in preparation for the workshop on socio-economic considerations will be posted on this portal in the coming weeks.

Updated! The final dates and times for the real-time conferences are as follows:
  • 16 June 2011, 10h00-14h00: Africa
  • 21 June 2011, 13h00-17h00: Western Europe and Others Group and Central and Eastern Europe
  • 23 June 2011, 14h00-18h00: Latin America and the Caribbean (in Spanish)
  • 5 July 2011, 10h00-14h00: Africa (in French)
  • 7 July 2011, 3h00-7h00: Asia and the Pacific

The conferences will be conducted in English unless indicated otherwise. All times are Greenwich Mean Time. Use the time zone converter to convert to your local time.

Paragraph 24 of decision BS-V/3 requests the Executive Secretary to convene regional online conferences to:
  1. facilitate the exchange of views, information and experiences on socio-economic considerations on a regional basis; and
  2. identify possible issues for further consideration.

Please also note the following:
  • Due to insufficient pre-registrations, there will be no English-language real-time conference for Latin America and the Caribbean. Those who would have participated in this conference are invited to indicate which other conference they wish to join instead.
  • The dates for the Africa (English) and GRULAC (Spanish) conferences have been changed from what was originally announced in the notification.

Participants who are already registered for the earlier online discussion groups on socio-economic considerations will be automatically registered for the appropriate real-time conferences. A minimum of ten pre-registered participants is required to proceed with each of the scheduled real-time conferences.

Nominations of additional representatives to participate in the real-time conferences are welcomed and encouraged. To participate, please complete the nomination form available in the resources section of the website and submit it as a Microsoft Word file to the Secretariat. All nominations should be received as soon as possible but not later than 30 May 2011.

Participants will be registered for the real-time conference for the region in which they are based. Participants may only take part in one real-time conference. This is intended to provide everyone with adequate time to express their views in light of the high interest in this topic and the high level of participation seen to date.

Participants will receive an e-mail message informing them of the details of the real-time conference for which they have been registered once the schedule of the real-time conferences is finalized after May 30.

Conference documents

The official documents for the Real-time Conferences are the same for all of the conferences. They are available as follows:
  • Provisional Agenda: en / es / fr
  • Annotations to the Provisional Agenda: en / es / fr
  • Socio-Economic Considerations: Summary of Submissions Received from Parties, Other Governments and Relevant Organisations: en

The documents are also available via the web page for each of the real-time conferences, which can be accessed through the CBD's calendar of meetings.

Technical requirements & live testing with the Secretariat

Please test the real-time conference interface before the actual conference. You will need to log-in to the BCH in order to be able to access the test page.

The real-time conferences use the software "Silverlight". If your computer does not have Silverlight installed, you will be prompted to install it the first time you access the test page indicated above. The installation only takes a few moments but you may need administrator rights to your computer.

New: Technical instructions on how to participate in the real-time conferences.

The Secretariat will also conduct live testing of the real-time conference interface according to the following schedule:

  • Thursday, June 9th – 14:00 GMT
  • Wednesday, June 15th – 14:00 GMT
  • Monday, June 20th – 14:00 GMT & 18:00 GMT
  • Wednesday, June 22nd – 18:00 GMT
  • Wednesday, June 29th – 13:00 GMT
  • Monday, July 4th – 14:00 GMT
  • Wednesday, July 6th – 03:00 GMT

Use the time zone converter to convert to your local time.