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Sub-working Group on the Roadmap for Risk Assessment

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Comments on the road map [#1622]
Dear Hans,

Thank you very much for your hard work in the preparation of this new, improved version of the roadmap. I think that, with some refinments, it will become a valuable tool for risk assessors, as it provides a strong basis for the risk assessment process.

My view of this last draft is that the language has became more difficult to understand because of the legal stile it has acquired. Due to my limitations with the English language, I can not propose improvements or changes, but I hope there will be time and opportunity to make the language simpler and clearer, aiming at facilitating the practical application of the risk assessment process.  The flow chart is an excellent addition and ads up to this end.

I agree with suggestions to revise the texts on uncertainty. I propose to strike lines 119 to 142.

I also think the “Issues Related to Decision Making” (lines 352 to 367) should be eliminated, since it is outside the scope of Annex III and the roadmap.

posted on 2010-03-15 01:29 UTC by Dr. Eliana Maria Gouveia Fontes, Brazil
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