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Closing of the discussion and season's greetings [#5596]


Dear Members of the Open-ended online forum,

Thank you for your comments during this last session of the forum.

Following the calendar proposed to us by the Secretariat, this was the last session where we improved the content of the Manual for better alignment with the Guidance. Our next discussion, in March 2014, will be on the online version of the alignment (e.g. format, graphics, user friendliness, etc) before submitting all the results to the AHTEG for further work.

Following the reactions of participants in this last session, we have made together a good job in these discussions! All participants indeed recognize that evident improvements have been made in this alignment through the sessions devoted to this goal.

While some participants are totally satisfied with the present result, other participants consider that further improvement could be brought in this alignment exercise. In particular, some participants are in favor of still more semantic precision for the practical use and description of a few terms and concepts as well as of including still some more real-life examples to complete the illustration of some concepts.

In the pursuit of its task, the AHTEG will take into account all the relevant remarks made in this last session.

I want to thank once again the participants in this part of the forum who dedicated repeatedly time through the various sessions to make proposals to bring this alignment to a success, and especially in this last session surrounded by a pre-festivities atmosphere.

Christmas is now indeed very close, and I thus leave you here for season’s familial festivities, wishing you a pleasant relaxing period with your relatives and a peaceful 2014 for you and the world.

Lucette Flandroy
posted on 2013-12-24 17:20 UTC by Ms. Manoela Miranda, UNEP/SCBD