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About the Online Forum


Pursuant to decision CP-10/10, paragraph 10 (b), Parties, other Governments, indigenous peoples and local communities, and relevant organizations are invited to nominate experts to participate in the first round of discussions of the Open-ended Online Forum on Risk Assessment, which will take place from 10 to 21 April 2023. These discussions will allow sharing of information that would inform the development of the outline of additional guidance materials on risk assessment of living modified organisms containing engineered gene drives. Information on a second round of discussions of the Online Forum will be provided at a later date.

What is the forum?

This is a virtual platform where experts will interact and exchange opinions on specific aspects of risk assessment and risk management of living modified organisms (LMOs). The online forum is part of a process established in decision BS-IV/11 and has been used as a tool for experts in risk assessment and risk management to meet and discuss the issues mandated by the Parties.

Nominations of experts to the Open-ended Online Forum on Risk Assessment and Risk Management must be received before 15 March 2023.

Information on how to access the forum will be provided in due course through the following link https://bch.cbd.int/portals/risk-assessment. More information may be found in notification SCBD/CPU/DC/WM/MAQ/MW/90762