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Moderator's summary [#6005]


Dear Participants of the online forum,

Thank you very much for your active participation on the discussions on "the Alignment of the Guidance and training manual – Comments on the draft online package".
I am grateful for all your comments. And that you tirelessly have worked during our inter-sessional period in order to achieve the goals that were set for us to further improve Risk Assessment and Risk Management! Thank you once again.

Many thanks go to the Secretariat too - for their sincere help that was always available. I can only admire the effectiveness of your work!

Please find enclosed the summary of our discussions, which will be forwarded to the AHTEG and COP-MOP for their consideration. I have done my best to reflect the various views posted during the discussion. I hope that I have succeeded in my attempt.

Once more, thanks to everybody and warm wishes,



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posted on 2014-05-12 14:24 UTC by Ms. Manoela Miranda, UNEP/SCBD