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Welcome/BCH Migration/4th National Reports

Direct links to ONLINE submission of report in 6 UN languages [#10004]
Hello everyone,

I apologize for bombarding you with messages :).

I would just like to remind you that you can submit the report in the new preview version of the BCH in any one of the 6 UN languages. The direct links are:

English: https://beta.bch.cbd.int/register/NR4

French: https://beta.bch.cbd.int/fr/register/NR4

Spanish: https://beta.bch.cbd.int/es/register/NR4

Russian: https://beta.bch.cbd.int/ru/register/NR4

Arabic: https://beta.bch.cbd.int/ar/register/NR4

Chinese: https://beta.bch.cbd.int/zh/register/NR4

The Frequently Asked Questions are also available in all 6 UN languages.

Finally, you can use the Question mark on the right bottom corner of the platform to ask for assistance. This is a new HELP feature in the new BCH throughiout!!!

Kind regards,

posted on 2019-11-06 15:39 UTC by Ms. Anastasia Beliaeva, Secretariat of the Convention on Biological Diversity
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