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BCH on BCH Forum

Forum for National Focal Points and National Authorized Users

This is an informal ongoing online forum dedicated to:

  • All National Focal Points (NFPs): Cartagena Protocol on Biosafety (CPB-NFPs) and Biosafety Clearing-House (BCH-NFPs), and

  • National Authorized Users (NAUs).

The objective of this forum is to promote better exchange of information and sharing of views and experiences on the current status of the BCH through online discussions.

BCH on BCH forum

Posting and receiving messages

  • Discussions on this page can be followed by all BCH registered users. However, the ability to post messages to the forum is limited to NFPs and NAUs (for information on how to nominate CPB-NFPs, BCH-NFPs or NAUs, please refer to the Frequently Asked Questions no. 12 and 14).

  • To share comments with the forum, please click on the title of the message you wish to reply to, and then click the "Reply" button at the bottom of the message.

  • If you wish to start a new subject, click on the Create a new thread button below, fill in the 'Title' and 'Message' fields and click on Post Message.

  • All messages posted to the forum will also be sent via e-mail to the address registered on the BCH profile of all participants (NFPs and NAUs).

  • Participants may also reply via e-mail by using the address provided at the bottom of the e-mail message received from the forum. Alternatively, participants may follow the link "See this post in the online forum" and click on the "Reply" button at the end of a posting.

  • To stop receiving future postings by e-mail, you may click on the “Stop Watching” button.

Even though the forum is in English, the participants are welcome to post messages in any one of the 6 of the UN languages. The Secretariat will endeavour to respond as much as possible in the respective language.

For any questions regarding this forum, please contact us at: bch@cbd.int.

TESTING of new BCH platform - First phase - Deadline: 17 April

As you know, the BCH is currently undergoing a major overhaul – migration to a new platform. The chronogram, which explains the background and context for the migration of the BCH to a new platform and also outlines the timeline for the migration and follow-up processes, is available on the Home page of the BCH.

The Secretariat is planning to perform the testing of the development (test) site of the new BCH platform in three phases lasting approximately until the end of May. The purpose of this topic of the forum is to invite you to the first phase of testing and encourage you to use this forum to exchange your comments, ideas about the new BCH website with each other and the Secretariat.

Please see more details inside the first "Welcome" message.