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Thanks for very good and educative discussions [#822]
My name is Marja Ruohonen-Lehto and I work as a Senior Adviser at the Finnish Environment Institute. I deal with biosafety issues, and risk assessment and risk management of GMOs. I have been a member of the Finnish delegation at COP-MOP/3 and COP-MOP/4 and acted as the chair of the fish session in the Norway-Canada workshop on risk assessment for emerging applications of LMOs (Montreal 2007).

Finland has unfortunately so far not been able to participate in capacity-building activities in the field of biosafety. However, this on-line conference has provided a lot of useful information on the country needs and priorities. And also profited my understanding on the specific situations in different countries. I have fortunately had the possibility to participate in some meetings of the capacity building issues.

Finland is a small EU-country (since 1995) and we are familiar with the situation where very few people work on biosafety and GMO risk assessment issues. We have had only about 20 field releases but uniquely some field releases on GM trees. These trees have included mainly birch and we are currently having a release that will go on for 7 years.
posted on 2008-11-28 15:38 UTC by Marja Ruohonen-Lehto