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Calendar of Activities

Date Activity Remarks
30 March - 7 May 2015 Online discussions  
    Online discussions on question 1: (30 March - 6 April 2015) In previous discussions on socio-economic considerations under the Protocol, a number of international agreements have been identified as possibly being relevant to the issue (see list below). Are there any other agreements, including regional agreements, that could be relevant in this context? How might the agreements listed below and the obligations they contain be relevant to Parties taking socio-economic considerations into account in their decision-making on LMOs pursuant to Article 26 of the Protocol?
    Online discussions on question 2: (6 - 13 April 2015) What are some concrete examples, besides the intrinsic value, of the value of biological diversity to indigenous and local communities? How are they linked to possible socio economic effects of LMOs? How can an effect, if any, be assessed?
    Online discussions on question 3: (13 - 20 April 2015) What are possible environment-related aspects of socio economic considerations that could arise from the use of LMOs, and which would be relevant in the context Article 26 of the Protocol? How can they be distinguished from those covered in other processes under the Protocol, e.g. risk assessment and risk management?
    Online discussions on question 4: (20 - 27 April 2015) Is there any relationship between risk assessment and the assessment of possible socio-economic effects? Are there any concrete examples of links between those assessment areas?
    Online discussions on question 5: (27 April - 4 May 2015) Are there any possible human health-related issues with relevance for socio economic considerations? Are they already dealt with under food safety assessments or the provisions of Articles 15 and 16 (Risk assessment and risk management) of the Protocol? Are there any situations when they could they be dealt with under Art 26 of the Protocol?
    Open discussion (4 - 7 May 2015) Participants are invited to add any other comments or suggestions that may be relevant to the discussions held over the last weeks or that may assist the AHTEG in its work on: (i) the further development of conceptual clarity on socio-economic considerations arising from the impact of living modified organisms on the conservation and sustainable use of biological diversity, and (ii) developing an outline for guidance with a view to making progress towards achieving operational objective 1.7 of the Strategic Plan and its outcomes.  
9 May to 17 June 2016 Online discussions of the AHTEG on conceptual clarity on socio-economic considerations. Documents prepared for the online discussion of the AHTEG are available here.

Resource materials

    • All documents relevant to socio-economic considerations prepared during the intersessional period are available here..