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Past Activities 2017-2018

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Forum closed. No more comments will be accepted on this forum.
Closing of Discussion [#8760]
Dear Participants of the Forum,

Thank you very much for all your valuable contributions to the two discussed Subtopics. I find the discussion most illuminating both for the purposes of CBD and personally.

As the discussion on this Topic is now closed I will try to prepare with the help of CBD Secretariat a concise summary of all contributions.

I want to remind you that today discussion opens on Topic 4 “Gathering information on risk management measures, safe use and best practices for safe handling of organisms, components and products of synthetic biology”. I would like to invite you to continue to participate as actively and as productively in the Forum as you have done so far.

Once again thank you all for your participation in the discussions.
Best Regards,
posted on 2017-09-18 01:00 UTC by Dina Abdelhakim, SCBD