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Opening of a bulletin board in the Portal on Public Awareness and Participation regarding LMOs [#9240]
Dear former participants of the online forum on Article 23,

We are pleased to announce the opening of a bulletin board for former participants of the online forum on Article 23 in the Portal on Public Awareness and Participation at http://bch.cbd.int/onlineconferences/portal_art23/pa_main.shtml. Please note that if you were registered for past discussions, you are also registered for the bulletin board.

The bulletin board is for the posting of information on public awareness, education and participation, including access to information, regarding living modified organisms (LMOs), in particular news and announcements from international, national and local experiences related to the programme of work on public awareness, education and participation regarding LMOs (2015-2020) and its priority areas.

To begin, the postings should be related to national and local events or preparations for events using resources for the 15th anniversary of the entry into force of the Cartagena Protocol on Biosafety (11 September 2018) at http://bch.cbd.int/onlineconferences/portal_art23/resources.shtml . Please note that the SCBD will initiate more activities in the coming months.

Please note that individuals wishing to participate via e-mail after this initial message can choose to “watch” the messages posted. These individuals will then receive copies of the posted messages by e-mail.

We recommend that you review also the summaries and recommendations from moderators of the online discussion on public awareness regarding LMOs held earlier this year that has provided key recommendations to Parties and other stakeholders on the upcoming celebration. The summaries and recommendations are available at http://bch.cbd.int/onlineconferences/portal_art23/pa_forum.shtml

We look forward to reading your messages.

Best regards,
Ulrika Nilsson
Associate Information Officer
Biosafety Unit
Secretariat of the Convention on Biological Diversity
United Nations Environment Programme
413 St Jacques Street, Suite 800,
Montréal, Québec, Canada H2Y 1N9
Tel: +1-514-287-8720
Email: ulrika.nilsson@cbd.int 
Internet: http://bch.cbd.int/protocol/
Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/UN.Biosafety
Twitter: https://twitter.com/bchcpb
(edited on 2018-07-06 14:33 UTC by Ms. Ulrika Nilsson)
posted on 2018-07-06 14:28 UTC by Ms. Ulrika Nilsson, UNEP/SCBD/Biosafety
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