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2012-05-09 21:12 UTC (dina.abdelhakim@cbd.int)
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2012-05-09 21:12 UTC (dina.abdelhakim@cbd.int)

General Information
Gene expression profiles of MON810 and comparable non-GM maize varieties cultured in the field are more similar than are those of conventional lines
Anna Coll, Anna Nadal, Rosa Collado, Gemma Capellades, Joaquima Messeguer, Enric Mele. Montserrat Palaudelma`s, Maria Pla
Author’s contact information
Maria Pla
Email: maria.pla@udg.edu

Institut de Tecnologia Agroalimenta`ria (INTEA),
Universitat de Girona, Campus Montilivi, EPS-I,
17071 Girona, Spain
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Maize is a major food crop and genetically modified (GM) varieties represented 24% of the global production in 2007. Authorized GM organisms have been tested for human and environmental safety. We previously used microarrays to compare the transcriptome profiles of widely used commercial MON810 versus near-isogenic varieties and reported differential expression of a small set of sequences in leaves of in vitro cultured plants of AristisBt/Aristis and PR33P67/PR33P66 (Coll et al. 2008). Here we further assessed the significance of these differential expression patterns in plants grown in a real context, i.e. in the field. Most sequences that were differentially expressed in plants cultured in vitro had the same expression values in MON810 and comparable varieties when grown in the field; and no sequence was found to be differentially regulated in the two variety pairs grown in the field. The differential expression patterns observed between in vitro and field culture were similar between MON810 and comparable varieties, with higher divergence between the two conventional varieties. This further indicates that MON810 and comparable non-GM varieties are equivalent except for the introduced character.
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  • Scientific and technical issues
    • Risk assessment
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DOI 10.1007/s11248-009-9266-z
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Transgenic Research
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Keywords  GMO (Genetically Modified Organism), MON810, Maize, Field, Unintended effects, Expression profile

Citation: Transgenic Res (2009) 18:801-808