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Country's Decision or any other Communication (DEC)

last updated: 07 Mar 2018
General Information
COMMISSION DECISION of 3 November 2005 concerning the placing on the market, in accordance with Directive 2001/18/EC of the European Parliament and of the Council, of a maize product (Zea mays L., line 1507) genetically modified for resistance to certain lepidopteran pests and for tolerance to the herbicide glufosinate-ammonium
03 Nov 2005
Subject of the decision, notification, communication or declaration
  • Decision on LMOs for direct use as food or feed, or for processing (Article 11, LMOs-FFP)
LMOs for direct use as food or feed, or for processing (LMOs-FFP)
  • LMOs for direct use as food
  • LMOs for direct use as feed
  • LMOs for processing
Result of the decision
Approval of the import and/or use of the LMO(s) without conditions
LMO identification & risk assessment
  • BCH-LMO-SCBD-14841-13 Living Modified Organism DAS-Ø15Ø7-1 - Herculex™ I maize
    Dow AgroSciences, Pioneer Hi-Bred International Inc. | Resistance to diseases and pests (Insects, Lepidoptera (butterflies and moths)), Resistance to herbicides (Glufosinate)
  • BCH-RA-EU-113259-2 Risk Assessment generated by a regulatory process Opinion of the Scientific Panel on Genetically Modified Organisms on a request from the Commission related to the notification (Reference C/NL/00/10) for the placing on the market of insect-tolerant genetically modified maize 1507, for import and processing, under Part C of Directive 2001/18/EC from Pioneer Hi-Bred International/Mycogen Seeds
    DAS-Ø15Ø7-1 - Herculex™ I maize | Maize, Corn, MAIZE, Resistance to diseases and pests, Resistance to herbicides
Document on the decision, communication, notification or declaration
Additional Information
Detection method for maize event 1507 validated by the European Union Reference Laboratory for GM Food and Feed (EURL GMFF) available at