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12 Aug 2022
How do I share search results and published records with others?

The “Share” feature of the Search page allows users to share search results or a single record

25 May 2022
Training Site: User Roles

The accounts below have been created for use on the Training Site of the BCH.

23 Nov 2021
What are Email Alerts and “My saved searches”?

 “My saved searches” feature, available on the Search page, allows users to store search filter sele

23 Nov 2021
Fourth National Report: Questions and Answers

This page provides answers to Frequently Asked Questions on the preparation and submission of Fourth National Reports.

23 Nov 2021
How do I subscribe to the BCH newsletter?

All BCH users with registered BCH accounts may subscribe to receive recent Biosafety Protocol News –

23 Nov 2021
Where can I find information on National Reports?

The information and formats on National Reports can be accessed in several places:On the Dashboard o

23 Nov 2021
What type of users can submit information in the BCH?

Most of the Biosafety Clearing-House (BCH) pages are in public domain. However, to submit, update or

23 Nov 2021
Contact us

Secretariat of the Convention on Biological Diversity413 Saint-Jacques Street, suite 800Montreal, Qu

23 Nov 2021
What is the BCH Training Site?

The BCH Training Site is a mirror copy of the official BCH and has been implemented to help users fa

23 Nov 2021
Where can I find ‘Help’ to use the BCH?

The Biosafety Clearing-House (BCH) provides various help tools to assist with website navigation and

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