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Where can I find ‘Help’ to use the BCH? (video)

  23 Nov 2021

The Biosafety Clearing-House (BCH) provides various help tools (materials) to assist with website navigation and performing various tasks. Below is a list of various help materials available in the BCH, which are also demonstrated in the informal VIDEOs, created in-house by the Secretariat:  




#1:  Knowledge Base - accessible through the “Help” menu on the top navigation bar. Here you will find various categories of helpful information about the BCH, such as introductory information about the BCH and the Cartagena Protocol, as well as detailed walkthrough on how to perform specific clearing-house tasks. 
Knowledge Base
#2: Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)  - accessible through the “Help” menu on the top navigation bar. Here you will find answers to the most commonly asked questions. They are also found throughout the Knowledge Base.
#3: Contextual help  - accessible by clicking on the question mark symbol located on the top right corner of the website. Contextual help contains information related to the page you are currently on. You can also use the free text Search box to search through all help articles available in the BCH. These are the same articles that you find in the Knowledge Base.
Contextual Help

#4: TOURs - these are virtual self-explanatory tours that walk users through a page, identifying key functions and capacities of the respective sections.  Tours are especially useful for first-time users.

Tours are available on the following pages: “Country Profiles”; “Submit” – on the Dashboard, summary of records page and online Submission form; “Search”.

#5: Virtual Learning Environment (VLE) - accessible through the “Training Materials” option of the “Help” menu on the top navigation bar. This site is maintained by the UNEP-GEF BCH III Project Team and contains various help and training materials. These include presentations, links to regional training workshops on the BCH, webinars, videos and other learning tools.  You need to create an account on that site in order to view the materials.
#6: Chat - located on the bottom right corner. You can use this icon to chat with us directly online. 

#7: Training Site - accessible through the “Help” menu on the top navigation bar. The training site is a mirror copy of the official BCH and has been implemented to help users familiarize themselves with the various functionalities of the BCH. Once signed in, users may practice submitting records, for training purposes only, as (i) a general registered user, (ii) a BCH National Focal Point (BCH-NFP), (iii) Cartagena Notional Focal Point (CPB-NFP), or (iv) a National Authorized User (NAU). 

By default, on the Submit page users have “Registered User” roles with access to Reference records only. To change your role, please contact us at bch@cbd.int.

Training Site

#8: Other Help Videos 


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