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  23 Nov 2021

Article 2, paragraph 1, of the Cartagena Protocol stipulates that Parties “shall take necessary and appropriate legal, administrative and other measures to implement its obligations under this Protocol.”

According to Article 14, “Parties may enter into bilateral, regional and multilateral agreements and arrangements regarding intentional transboundary movements of living modified organisms, consistent with the objective of this Protocol and provided that such agreements and arrangements do not result in a lower level of protection than that provided for by the Protocol.” 

Parties to the Protocol are required to make available in the BCH their laws, regulations, guidelines and other measures for the implementation of the Cartagena Protocol, as well as bilateral, regional and multilateral agreements and arrangements regarding the intentional transboundary movement of living modified organisms (Article 20, paragraph 3 (a) and (b)).

Please publish each measure as a separate record. The BCH enables records on different measures to be linked to describe their relationship, e.g. a regulation that implements a law, a guideline that provides further instructions on a procedure, a new measure that amends a measure published in another record. 

Each measure should be described clearly and concisely while bearing in mind that the information should guide others on how to comply with your country’s legal requirements. Including courtesy translation of the information is encouraged.

Please fill in the “Submission form” and complete the fields according to the instructions. 

Certain fields are mandatory and indicated with an asterisk (*). The “Review” of the form will highlight the mandatory fields that need to be filled before the record can be published. The record can be saved as a draft. Frequently saving your records is recommended, especially, in case of intermittent internet connections.

More information:

  • Read Articles 2, paragraph 1; 14 and 20 of the Cartagena Protocol.
  • You may also download and complete the offline common format, available in MS Word format, in your preferred language to assist you in gathering and organizing information prior to submitting it online.

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