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LMOs/Genetic elements/Organisms (6)

23 Nov 2021
"LMO", "Genetic element" and "Organism" registries

The LMO Registry provides summary information on all living modified organisms registered in the BCH

23 Nov 2021
Building a "genetic element construct"

A genetic elements construct is a representation of the gene cassettes present in a given LMO. These

23 Nov 2021
Information about the BioTradeStatus database

CropLife International (CLI) and the CBD Secretariat agreed to link certain information contained in

23 Nov 2021
LMO Unique Identifiers (UIDs)

The BCH modalities of operation require the BCH to make use of existing unique identification system

23 Nov 2021
Submitting a new LMO in the BCH

Several provisions of the Protocol require Parties to publish information regarding a living modifie

23 Nov 2021
What are LMO Quick-links?

LMO Quick-link is a QR code that identifies an LMO through its unique identifier, trade name and pro

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