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In response to a COP-MOP request in decision BS-VI/2, regarding the collection of feedback “on existing capacity and experiences in using the BCH and the submission and retrieval of data”, the Secretariat made available in May 20141, through the BCH and in all the six official languages of the United Nations, a short survey and requested Parties, other Governments and relevant organizations to complete the survey before 7 June 2014.

The detailed results of the survey will be soon available in document UNEP/CBD/BS/COP-MOP/7/INF/122 and are summarized as follows:

  1. The number of BCH users participating in the survey was 162. They were homogeneously distributed among the different categories of users (National Focal Points: 40%, National Authorized Users: 19%, Officers of Competent National Authorities: 7%, and General Users: 31%), as well as geographically (Africa: 36%, Asia-Pacific: 26%, CEE: 9%, GRULAC: 25%, and WEOG: 5%);
  2. On average, participants reported visiting the BCH more than once a month and registering information more than once a year. They rated, on an arbitrary scale, as 80% the ease of retrieving information, 70% the ease of registering information, and 80% the quality of the information available through the BCH;
  3. Most of the participants did not request changes to the BCH. Those requests for changes and or additions were made by 18% of the participants on the system for the retrieval of information and 10% of the participants on the common formats for the registration of information; and
  4. More than half of the participants (59%) reported having participated in BCH mediated capacity building workshops and half of the participants (50%) expressed an interest in receiving such training.