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List of Participants in the AHTEG on Risk Assessment 2019-2020

Experts nominated by Parties

Name Nominated by: Region:
Ms. Viana Victoria Barceló Pérez, CO-CHAIR Cuba GRULAC
Ms. Luciana Ambrozevicius Brazil GRULAC
Ms. La-Tanya Richards Jamaica GRULAC
Ms. Wadzi Mandivenyi, CO-CHAIR South Africa AFRICA
Ms. Joy I. Onwude Nigeria AFRICA
Mr. Thomas Bwana United Republic of Tanzania AFRICA
Mr. Motoshige Yasuike Japan ASIA AND PACIFIC
Mr. Prasartporn Smitamana Thailand ASIA AND PACIFIC
Ms. Ejebay Koknova Turkmenistan ASIA AND PACIFIC
Mr. Nikolay Tzvetkov Bulgaria CEE
Ms. Angela Lozan Republic of Moldova CEE
Ms. Vida Posavec Vukelić Croatia CEE
Ms. Kine Øverland Norway WEOG
Ms. Marja Ruohonen-Lehto Finland WEOG
Ms. Catherine Golstein France WEOG

Experts nominated by Indigenous Peoples and Local Communities

Name Nominated by:
Mr. Kamal Kumar Rai Society for Wetland Biodiversity Conservation Nepal

Experts nominated by other Governments and Organizations

Name Nominated by:
Ms. Heidi Mitchell Australia
Mr. Jack Heinemann Centre for Integrated Research in Biosafety
Ms. Brinda Dass Foundation for the National Institutes of Health
Mr. Todd Kuiken North Carolina State University
Mr. Christoph Then ENSSER
Mr. Keith Hayes CSIRO Data61
Ms. Eva Sirinathsinghji TWN

Secretariat staff servicing the Meeting of the AHTEG

Ms. Kathryn Garforth, Acting Head of Biosafety Unit
Ms. Marianela Araya, Environmental Affairs Officer
Mr. Austein McLoughlin, Associate Programme Management Officer
Ms. Melissa Willey, Administrative Assistant