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Risk Assessment Report of the Genetic Modification Advisory Committee (GMAC) for an Application for Approval for Commercial Import of Cut Flowers of Novel Flower Colour Varieties of Genetically Modified Carnation (Dianthus caryophyllus L.)
Register 001/2004 Risk Assessment of GM color modified carnations
GMO Register 001/2004  Commercial scale release of four lines of colour modified GM carnations (Moonlite™, Moonshade™, Moonshadow™ and Moonvista™)
FLO-4Ø62Ø-9 - Moonburst™ carnation
JBK(S) 602-1/1/8
FLO-ØØØØ4-1 - Moondust™ carnation
FLO-ØØØ16-4 - Moondust™ carnation
FLO-ØØØ15-3 - Moondust™ carnation
FLO-4Ø644-6 - Moonlite™ carnation
FLO-Ø7442-5 - Moondust™ carnation
Resolución 1219: Por la cual se autoriza introducción de plantas de clavel modificado genéticamente.
Uso de plantas de clavel modificado genéticamente
Purple-violet carnation 123.2.2 (FLO-40619-7)
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