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Theme 4: Conclusions and recommendations

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Discussion threads - Theme 4: Conclusions and recommendations

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Conclusions and recommendations [#1111]
Regarding, Justifications of administrative and technical expense for developing new standards

In my opinion, the development of global safe and agreed standards for LMOs shipments will increase of trade exchange in the world, and will open the way for all countries in handling these products with confident that there is a legal framework which has enough rules of safety for human and animal health as well as the environment, this will support the benefits of using such technology.
posted on 2009-05-28 06:25 UTC by Mr ADEL TAG EL DIN, Egypt
RE: Conclusions and recommendations [#1114]
1. I consider very important the work of various organizations which have been involved in elaboration of different standards of  handling, transport, packaging, labeling and identification: CAC, IPPC, WOAH, OECD, OIE, UN TDG, FAO.

2. It seems necessary to elaborate the unified standards and guidelines under the Cartagena Protocol, with regard to types of LMOs and their uses, according to  Art.18, para 2., considering  three situations: LMO designed for direct use for FFP; for contained use; and for deliberative release into the environment.  The standars document should be agreed by the CP Parties and should have legally binding character. This would serve as a good basis for development of national standards for transporting, packaging, labeling  and identification, considering the internaitonal requirements.

3. To elaborate such unified standard document, practical experience of the above-listed organizations is to be taken in consideration, and to be completed with the new standards in compliance with the new conditions and LMOs types.

4. As collaboration instrument between Parties, Secretariate of Cartagena Protocol and international standard-setting bodies, can  serve working group. It should take into account the opinions of all the actors. Also, it would be expedient to broadly use the electronic means of information exchange, such as BCH, etc. It is  recommended that the Protocol Secretariate provide the synergism and cooperation between the Protocol Parties and standard-setting bodies. This joint activity will contribute also to avoiding the overlapping and duplications in the field of standards, databases, activities in biosafety.

5. It is proposad that this unified standard document to be agreed and approved by the parties at the COP-MOP Meeting.     

6. It would be good to develop the Capacity Building programmes to provide assistance to the Secretariate and countries to harmonize the national standards and regulations in compliance with the international requirements.

Thank you.

posted on 2009-05-28 12:16 UTC by Ms. Angela Lozan, Republic of Moldova