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Roster of Experts

The roster of experts on biosafety was established by the Conference of the Parties to the CBD (COP) in decision EM-I/3 that adopted the Cartagena Protocol on Biosafety in January 2000. The mandate of the Roster is to "provide advice and other support, as appropriate and upon request, to developing country Parties and Parties with economies in transition, to conduct risk assessment, make informed decisions, develop national human resources and promote institutional strengthening, associated with the transboundary movements of living modified organisms".

The Roster is accessible and searchable through the Biosafety Clearing-House (BCH). The BCH also provides links and details on: the use and function of the roster; its history and development; the procedures for nominating experts and updating expert information in the roster; guidelines for operation of the roster; information on the voluntary fund for the use of experts from the roster; statistical summaries of the roster including breakdown by region, areas of expertise, and gender; and the printable summaries of the full roster. More>>


The Biosafety Clearing-House
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Annual reviews of the operation of the Roster of Experts and the voluntary fund for the use of the roster are provided by the Secretariat at the end of each calendar year in accordance with Decision BS-I/4 of the COP-MOP.

Further resources on this issue:
PDF Criteria and minimum requirements for experts to be nominated to the roster of experts (Annex I to Decision BS-IV/4)
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PDF Guidelines for the Roster of Experts
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Nomination of Biosafety Expert for the Roster and Report on Biosafety Expert Assignment