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Gene and DNA Sequence
Record information and status
Record ID
Date of creation
2006-06-12 09:24 UTC (kirsty.mclean.consultant@cbd.int)
Date of last update
2014-02-27 14:14 UTC (dina.abdelhakim@cbd.int)
Date of publication
2014-02-27 14:14 UTC (dina.abdelhakim@cbd.int)

General information
Name of the gene or DNA sequence
Category of DNA sequence
  • Protein coding sequence
Is the gene / DNA sequence is a synthetic molecule?
Donor organism
Donor organism
Bacillus thuringiensis - Bt, Bacillus, BACTU
Characteristics of the protein coding sequence
Name of the protein expressed by the coding sequence
Cry1Ab delta-endotoxin
Biological function
The cry1Ab gene codes for a delta-endotoxin, commonly known as "Bt-toxin", which confers resistance to the plant to lepidoptera larvae such as the European corn borer (Ostrinia nubilalis), the southwestern corn borer (Diatraea grandiosella), pink borer (Sesamia cretica), Spruce Budworm, Tent caterpillar, Gypsy moth, Diamondback moth, Cabbage looper, Tobacco budworm, and Cabbage worm.
Related trait(s) or use(s) in biotechnology
Additional Information
Additional Information
Cry proteins, of which Cry1Ab is only one, act by selectively binding to specific sites localized on the lining of the midgut of susceptible insect species. Following binding, pores are formed that disrupt midgut ion flow, causing gut paralysis and eventual death due to bacterial sepsis. Cry1Ab is lethal only when eaten by the larvae of lepidopteran insects (moths and butterflies), and its specificity of action is directly attributable to the presence of specific binding sites in the target insects.

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