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Genetic element (GENE)

last updated: 24 Feb 2014
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eCry3.1Ab delta-endotoxin
An engineered Cry gene active against certain corn rootworm (Diabrotica) species . The gene ecry3.1Ab consists of a fusion between the 5′ end (Domain I, Domain II and 15 amino acids of Domain III) of a modified Cry3A gene (mcry3A) and the 3′ end (Domain III and Variable Region 6) of a synthetic Cry1Ab gene

Upstream of the mcry3A domain, the gene ecry3.1Ab carries a 67-bp-long oligomer extension at its 5′ end, which was introduced during the engineering of the variable regions and is translated into the following 22 amino acid residues: MTSNGRQCAGIRPYDGRQQHRG. The next 459 amino acid residues are identical to a portion of mCry3A, followed by 172 residues that are identical to a portion of Cry1Ab.
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