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last updated: 06 Jul 2012
General information
Amino acid permease 1 gene
Protein coding sequence
Donor organism
  • BCH-ORGA-SCBD-48359-3 Organism Vicia faba (Broad Bean, Tick Bean, Windsor Bean, Horse Bean, Pigeon Bean, Field Bean)
Characteristics of the protein coding sequence
Amino acid permease 1
The Vfaap1 gene from Vicia faba encodes an amino acid permease. Amino acid permeases transport amino acids from the plant vascular tissue into the symplasts of plant cells. They are differentially expressed according to plant development and tissue, and exhibit a range of specificity patterns for amino acids.

In the donor organism, Vicia faba, the Vfaa1 gene is expressed predominantly in the storage parenchyma cells of the cotyledons in developing seeds, particularly in early development. The strongest expression of Vfaap1 precedes the beginning of the expression of storage protein genes. VfAAP1 mediates the transport of a range of amino acids (mainly cysteine, arginine, glutamine, serine, leucine, methionine, histidine, glycine and threonine) with particular emphasis on cysteine.
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